The Job Shop

Job Shops can range from specialty construction, specialty manufacturing to maintenance overhead and overhaul (MRO).   They all have one thing in common; custom work based on a customer’s needs.  Clients First understands the Job Shop and needs ERP or business software to be flexible and work the way each job shop operates.

Quoting, Estimating and even Configuration – not all job shops quote, but most do and use spreadsheets.  These spreadsheets are the core of the business.  Why not use a true database with job history, inventory, labor costs, customer preferences, etc,? Clients First is adept at using core ERP software to accommodate estimating, configurations, and quoting with customer history.  The Job Shop that can see how much they made or profited by job, by customer is key to success.

Job Shop ERP Solutions are key if implemented by an experienced team like Clients First.

  • Projects (also see our MRO industry page)
  • Resource Planning and Scheduling
  • Time and Expenses
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Procurement and Requisitioning
  • Compliance
  • Financials (deposits, financial reports, etc.)
  • Additionally some companies will need one or both:
    • Service Management
    • Production Control

Job Shop Profitable Projects ERP

Maintaining high profit margins on projects is easier said than done.

Our guide offers the necessary application requirements for Manufacturers and Industrial Job Shops to maintain profitability. Download our Guide to profitable projects now.

This Guide Covers:

  1. Project Scheduling
  2. Project Accounting
  3. Time and Billing
  4. Job Cost Software
  5. Activity Based Costing Systems
  6. ProMRO – ProFBO

“We had been using a legacy construction accounting software package when we found Acumatica Construction Edition, and it is  a perfect fit.  It’s a modern cloud solution that handles our manufacturing, service, distribution and construction business in one cohesive integrated solution allowing a seamless flow of data.  We expect this to provide significantly better business insights and improve overall efficiency”

Ron Fairchild, CFO, Texas Scenic

Texas Scenic designs, manufactures and installs the theatrical stage equipment that stands behind professional performances worldwide. They provide counterweight and motorized stage rigging, lighting, dimming and control equipment, stage and acoustical curtains, orchestra pit lifts and shells and other custom stage equipment.

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