Technical Mentoring

At Clients First, we believe in not only supplying our clients with the best ERP software and superior service, we also believe in equipping your IT staff and/or users with the knowledge on how to manage it themselves. This gives our clients more independence on how they want their software managed and handling problems within it.

Benefits of our Technical Mentoring Program

  • Learn from experienced Professionals
  • Gain Deep Technical Skills
  • Have a true partner that acts as a business consultant
  • Ability to independently support your business solutions software
  • Get maximum return for your investment

“…You and your team have been instrumental in helping me while here and I’m incredibly thankful for that.”  Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Customer, Member and Speaker for the AX/Dynamics 365 User Group

Clients First employees have been developing in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (formerly AX) since it was called Axapta in 1998 and have continued to gain applicable skills in a variety of other business software systems such as Acumatica Cloud ERP. From our vast experience, we know that it’s in our client’s best interest for them to leverage our knowledge not dependent on it. This is because no one knows your business better than you even the smartest consultant doesn’t always know how to make the most strategic business decision for your company. Call our Texas office today at 800-331-8382,  Minneapolis at 877.428.7205, or email to learn more about how we can help your business become more productive and self-sufficient.


What do some of our clients have to say about us?

“They recognized the talent level [and] the technical level of our people and we’ve been able to gradually over the years [to] bring them up to have full use of [Dynamics AX].”

Dynamics AX CustomerCFO, Food Manufacturing

“They’re not looking for the nickel and dime fee to charge you to create a report or to change a form…[they] wanted us to be able to do that. We don’t have to call Clients First for everything we need because they taught us how to go in and use the software. Not just as an end user but also from a IT systems database support perspective.”

Damon ClovisSenior VP and CFO, RCL Services Group

“They were very down to earth, they were concerned about our expectations. …[Their Demo] was more relaxed, laid back, ‘We can do this, and that. Hey, Let me show you.’ They did some customizations right there in front of the committee. We had screen forms that were changed around, we added some fields. We actually saw those customizations and how easy they were [by them being] able to be made on the fly and I think that gave us a comfort level with Clients First and AX.”

Brian AdamikPresident and CEO

“We have been able to automate a lot of the processes that would normally involve people entering data. We don’s have a customer service department because all of orders are automatically sent to us over night through an FDP site…these processes create the order for us.”

Damon ClovisSenior VP and CFO, RCL Services Group