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Process Manufacturing Tools and Overview


Process Manufacturers Operational Requirements are Met with Dynamics 365

  • Products manufactured in batch or semi-continuous processes
  • Batch methods include mixers, batch reactors and extruders
  • Semi-continuous methods include plug-flow reactors, fiber manufacturing and looms
  • Production completed in batches with a standard batch size
  • Production process allows for yield loss along with scrap
  • Consumption of materials may be linear or non-linear based upon batch size
  • Sales, Procurement and Inventory managed in dual measure
  • Batch (LOT) tracking requirements along with quality inspection and testing
  • Shelf life tracking on manufactured and purchased materials

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Process Manufacturing Production Tools

  • Retention of complex formulas
    • Multiple formula versions
    • Co-products and by-products
    • Scaling quantities in formula
    • Material substitution
    • Master planning
      • Generate production plan
      • Balance production
    • Containerized Packaging
      • Group and process related batch orders
      • Balance the production of bulk material
      • Enhance cost management of multiple outputs

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Process Manufacturing Inventory Tools

  • Manage shelf life products
    • First expiring first out date controlled
  • Manage product compliance
  • Advanced lot / batch tracking and control
    • Track Vendor batch information
  • Approved Vendor list
  • Catch weight

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Process Manufacturing Sales Tools

  • Order Management
  • Customer batch attributes requirements and constraints
    • Same batch reservation
  • Manage batches with expiration and best before dates
    • Disregard expired batches
  • Manage commodity pricing
  • Setup and apply complex rebates

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Process Manufacturing Quality Tools

  • Manage quality standards
  • Automate generation of quality orders
    • Notification when inspection is required
    • Define stopping events
    • Block batches that are under inspection
  • Record testing results
    • Record test results and use results in sales distribution
    • Release batches that pass inspection
    • Retain or quarantine batches that do not pass inspection
      • Track non-conformances
  • Use Scalability in formulas to ease maintenance and data integrity
  • Use enhanced Batch Control to ensure delivery performance
  • Use Consolidated Orders to balance production
  • Use Quality Orders to ensure consistency in quality control

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