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For SMB’s Who Outsource ACCT: Make Your Smartphones Work Together With NAV 2016

Dynamics NAV 2016 role centers new functionality helps users who have outsourced their accounting service to allow the two parties to work more closely and together. In the accounting services role center, the NAV team has added a couple of key tasks to a simplified role center that specifically supports using Microsoft Dynamics NAV with […]

Advice To CFO’s Who Want Deferrals For Revenue & Expenses

We are so excited by NAV 2016’s Financial Enhancements.  They include data conversion, improvements with customizing reports in Word for different customers and different billing media, deferrals, positive pay, and posting previews to name a few.  Today to aid CFO’s and controllers, we will discuss the deferral functionality in NAV 2016. Deferral functionality allows the […]

Women Who Work Wonders In Manufacturing

More than anything, I want to champion strong, smart and courageous women.  I polled far and wide to find such women in the manufacturing industry.  While most industries are split along the same fifty-fifty line of the population, manufacturing’s population of women is only about 25%. From the shop floor employee to a c-level executive, […]

Microsoft’s Project GigJam: Making Work Collaboration Easier

  Microsoft’s Project GigJam allows operating systems to work together to accomplish great things.  It’s exciting that Satya Nadella has swayed Microsoft’s business focus from operating system wars to focusing on us, the customers.  GigJam developed  in part by Vijay Mital, General Manager of Ambient Computing & Robotics at Microsoft, does just that with this […]

TMAC Hosting Supply Chain Strategy Learn @ Lunch

TMAC and Arlington Chamber of Commerce Hosting Supply Chain Strategy Learn @ Lunch. Supply Chain Optimization for Leaders featuring the Benefits and Approach to Optimizing Supply Chain on Wed., September 16, 2015 11:30 AM  – 1:30 pm. The Supply Chain Optimization Initiative is based on establishing a comprehensive view of the Supply Chain and improving the visibility and responsiveness of all […]

Researching the Cost of Dynamics NAV?

Dynamics NAV does not come in a box with a bar code, so it’s difficult to get a true definitive price before an actual quote or implementation.  Reason being, no two businesses are the same, the standard factors affecting ERP implementations are usually coupled with many different elements that drive different levels of customization and […]