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Yes, there is a solution to help run  a profitable MRO line of business!

Clients First Business, Financial and Accounting Solutions

Clients First Business Solutions specializes in providing an industry specific solution to help you better track your MRO service, manufacturing and inventory. Whether you sell parts, service, manufacture parts, or do all three; our solution written for Microsoft Dynamics can help you manage these transactions more efficiently.

EPM Features Include

Project Quotation

Project Quotation is automatically populated with items, services, contact information and allows for dynamic quoting based on margin requirements.

Project Confirmation

Project Confirmation provides a quick print out of items, repair activities, pricing totals and delivery address.

Applicable Operations

Applicable Operations Include Selling Parts, Servicing, Repair, Manufacturing and Re-manufacturing. 

Quote Population

Automatic Quote Population based on information in the Service Profile that can be adjusted manually, on the fly.

Expense Cost Capturing

Expense Cost Capturing for all Labor, Inventory and Expense Costs.

Specific Tracking

Specific Tracking to include Core, Serial Number & Batch Tracking.

Standardized Lists

Standardized List of Maintenance Activities. 

Project Work Scope

Provides a work ticket detailing items required, forecasted items, delivery and installation instructions. 

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Our customers are the airplanes.  With Dynamics MRO, each aircraft part's serial number is tracked through the system. This is extremely important to aircraft owners. I have and will continue to recommend Dynamics MRO powered by AX.   We found it very easy to use and customize to our needs.   We're extremely happy with the 24/7 support, remote assistance and the fair price we received from Clients First Business Solutions.

Brian Adamik
CEO, RAM Aircraft, LP

After our successful Houston implementation of Dynamics AX in 2006,  Sulzer has since utilized Clients First to roll out this same solution to our other service facilities in the United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Indonesia and The Netherlands.

Glenn Doerksen 
VP of Operations, Sulzer


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