What do Manufacturers look for in an ERP

Whitepaper: What Do Manufacturers Look for in ERP Software?

Choosing new manufacturing ERP software that includes great general ledger, accounts payable, cash management, etc., is fairly easy. Decision makers should look for features like easy inter-company transactions perhaps for a complicated process, great reporting and drill-down capabilities. The manufacturer has a much greater challenge. In the last 20 years I have been selling manufacturing solutions and nine times out of ten, the business leaders are not concerned with how the GL or any of the financial modules work. They ask if the software has financial modules and do they work. Often our demonstrations end with financials, or we schedule them for another day, since really what the prospect wants to see is how the software will handle their manufacturing operations.

I came across this whitepaper by Nick Castellina, the VP and Research Group Director at the Aberdeen Group and thought I would share some of the results of a survey focused on manufacturing leaders: What do Manufacturers Look For in an ERP Solution? I have been following Nick’s work for a long time. He provides insightful information for the manufacturing and distribution industries. Read more

Starting your 5S Implementation, pt. 1

If you haven’t read our article explaining what is 5S along with its benefits we recommend you read this article to get a general understanding of how lean principle 5S works. In this article, we will be breaking down the process how to get started with 5S.

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Communicating the Manufacturing CEO’s Dream

If you are a Business Owner, CEO, Executive Leader, or Human Resources Leader/Manager in the manufacturing industry who’s looking to learn how spreading the company vision can improve employee’s job performance, then we have the perfect event for you. Read more

Be a Shark like Cuban Using NAV 2016. It’s Impressive!

Business People Happy

NAV 2016 Details

If you want to manage your business just like industry giants, Dynamics NAV 2016 can help you with that. Enriched with new, highly adaptable features, the latest version of NAV enables small and mid-sized organizations like yours to manage their business more efficiently. What’s more, NAV 2016 allows you to add new functionality as your company evolves. This will lead to the creation of a complex business management model that your organization can use to exploit new opportunities, efficiently respond to changing market conditions and deliver more customer value. Now, let’s dive into the new features and capabilities included in Dynamics NAV 2016.

Enhanced Integration
Not only does NAV 2016 provide new features to automate and streamline business processes; it does that in a truly intuitive, integrated way. Integrated with Azure, Power BI, CRM and Office 365, NAV introduces new usability enhancements that provide your employees with: Read more

Dynamics NAV 2016 Roadmap Announced

This week our management team is attending the WPC or Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando.  The WPC is THE venue for Dynamics Partner such as Clients First to get all the latest and greatest new product information.  We also have the opportunity to discuss our customers concerns with the Dynamics Executive team.  We feel that it is important to be in the forefront of the Dynamics AX and NAV technologies, as well as their management team and developers.

One of the newest announcements was the latest Dynamics NAV Product Roadmap with details on NAV 2016.  Here is a sneak peek:

Dynamics NAV 2016


Our team is committed to the Dynamics AX and NAV product line.  I will do my best to post more as I have time this week.   To find out whats new in AX 7 visit our AX blog:  http://blog.clientsfirst-ax.com/blog-1 

Be sure to reach out to Clients First if you are evaluating AX, NAV, or if you have already decided on the software but you need a solid partner.  We are a very strong partner with the customer references to back that claim!  We are also a Dynamics Gold ERP Partner.  Reach us at 800.331.8382 or email sales@clientsfirst-tx.com.

Dynamics AX ERP for Manufacturing

Dynamics AX Process, Formula, and Recipe Capabilities

When it comes to choosing formula, recipe, food, ERP software, Microsoft Dynamics AX is one of the most complex, powerful, agile yet simple business management solutions you can find. AX provides manufacturers with integrated functionality, allowing them to efficiently plan and control production and distribution, manage accounting, invoicing, and procurement operations, meet evolving customer demands, and comply with regulatory requirements.  (See how Merrick Pet Care has used Dynamics AX to grow into the second largest specialty pet food manufacturing company in the U.S.  – Yes, we are bragging!)

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Dynamics NAV Helps Keep the Railroad Moving

Dynamics NAV ERP Software

RCL Services Group, LLC (“Services”) a longtime Dynamics NAV user provides railroad signal construction and signal material integration services to the freight and passenger rail industry.  Services’ primary subsidiaries, Railroad Controls, LP, RCL Wiring, LP and RCL Burco, LP are the leaders in railroad signal construction and signal integration in the United States.   RCL Services Group’s Class 1 railroad customers like Union Pacific, and BNSF Railway very satisfied with the product and service delivery provided by RCL Services Group and Dynamics NAV is a big part of why RCL has been able to grow from 60 to 800 employees. Read more

Cloud ERP Software

SMB Guide to the Cloud

Most organizations are witnessing an explosion of data generated through social media, emails, forums, and instant messaging. For a company, visualizing, sorting, and analyzing all the data it receives every day is a task of Herculean proportions. Yet, many companies, including small and midsize businesses (SMBs), successfully manage a huge amount of data relating to customers, markets, trends, and business operations.  Many SMBs are able to leverage the cloud and manage their data and let IT focus on moving business forward.  The whitepaper ‘The Cloud for Insights’ provides ideas, terminology, and a lot more can help your business connect the cloud dots.  Download this document for free:  The Cloud for Insights_SMB eBook. Read more

Dynamics NAV 110,000 Customers and Counting

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV now being utilized by more than 110,000 small and mid-sized businesses and organizations worldwide, the time couldn’t be better for the latest update offering, coinciding with the new release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015. Designed with the purpose of helping these companies increase their productivity while reducing the costs and complexities associated with growing a business to its potential, business owners/managers are given simple-to-set-up and easy-to-use tools to help them optimize their business processes. Read more

Wearable Technology

Does Wearable Technology Hold The Future of ERP?

Wearable technology, such as Google Glass and Epson Moverio, can be extremely useful in various medical and industrial sectors. Unfortunately, specific control-related issues prevent users from getting the most out of these devices. For instance, Google Glass can be controlled via both panel and voice commands. But that’s not necessarily a good thing. While panel commands are unable to deliver a true hands-free experience, Google Glass voice commands are not working properly, especially in noisy environments, which can lead to serious errors. On the other side, Epson Moverio can only be controlled via a touch sensitive trackpad, falling short of providing a real hands-free alternative to the Smartphone you already have in your pocket. But a new technology is about to change this.

Wearable Technology

Is the Myo Armband the Answer?

The Myo armband proposes a new wearable technology that promises to succeed where other devices have failed. Produced by Thalmic Labs, the Myo armband is able to combine gesture controls with a series of smart devices, including computers, drones, and digital glasses, ensuring the best possible outcomes in the workplace of the future.

This new device will soon be used together with different software solutions from Bridgit, Augmedix, APX Labs, and Recon Instruments in order to make possible various applications in the health care, manufacturing, logistics, construction, and gas and oil fields. It will also be used in extreme sports, complementing devices like Recon Jet heads-up display.

How Does the Myo Armband Work?

The Myo gesture armband controller is embedded with touchless gesture recognition software, which not only recognizes gestures, but also allows you to use the electrical activity of your muscles to control different smart devices wirelessly. This means that the Myo armband is a lot different from other devices, which typically use a camera to analyze users’ gestures and comply with their requirements.

Since there is no camera, Myo gives you the opportunity to control your digital environment with complete freedom of movement. Lack of restrictions has resulted from the initial concept behind this device, which focuses on allowing users to interact with wearable technologies in different environments where touch gestures or voice commands cannot be used. We’re going to see the benefits of using this device, especially in the enterprise sector, in the next coming months.

The Future of Wearable Technologies

Wearable technology applications crack open a new era, an era of endless possibilities. Imagine a heavy equipment repair technician being able to create 3D scans of different objects with Google Glass, then turning those scans by simply rotating the hand on which he wears the Myo armband. The technician may be able to identify specific problems without even testing the equipment. This not only saves companies a lot of time and money, but also minimizes the risk of workplace accidents. Myo can interact seamlessly with any devices as long as they have compatible software. This means that the worker of the future could connect to other devices and workers, regardless of circumstances.

With Myo and smart glasses, users will be able to access their PCs, laptops, or tablets to command content, videos, and presentations, make phone calls, or browse the Internet. Thus, the Myo armband offers a new, quite surprising way to interact with the devices we use on a daily basis. But what’s really great about this armband is that it detects movements so quickly that it seems to recognize gestures before even users complete their actions.

Though gesture control may be considered awkward right now, it has huge potential especially when combined with other wearable technology applications, such as smart glasses. And since the Myo armband depends upon getting the right applications built, the greatest opportunities for success lie in the enterprise field.